Ten Ways To Rejuvenate Your Soul At The Beach

Ten ways to rejuvenate your soul at the beach...

  1. Sit Back and Watch the Waves. Let the mantra of the ocean wash your cares away.
  2. Take a Walk. Relax, unwind, clear your mind while you walk along the shore.
  3. Put on Sunscreen. Protect, massage, and moisturize your skin all at the same time. And if you can get a friend to do your back for you, all the better.
  4. Read a Book. Turn off the cell phone and open up that book you’ve had on your nightstand for the last year.
  5. Take a Nap. Beach naps are the best! Let the sound of the ocean help you drift away to zzz land.
  6. People Watch. There are interesting people to see on every beach. Sunglasses will keep you out of trouble…
  7. Soak Up the Vitamin D. Get your daily dose of Vitamin D and let the sun warm your skin. (But see #3 and sunscreen so you don’t burn)
  8. Ride the Waves. Bodysurfing and boogie boarding are a hoot! Catch a wave and ride it all the way to the shore.  Hum the theme song to Hawaii Five-O for extra points.
  9. Build a Sand Castle. It’s not just for kids…but if you have kids, they will love building their dream castle with you!
  10. Hang Out with Friends and Family. Sand between your toes, sunscreen on your nose, chatting on the beach with your best bud Rose…